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You watch your dick disappearing into her mouth every few seconds, in time with the music. Is this for real? Her supernaturally large breasts bump against your legs with each up and down. She comes up for air and catches you watching. Time to switch? You nod breathlessly and she climbs onto your cock, which has never been bigger than it is in this moment.


You've waited for this moment all your life, and it's finally here. Your hands are cold; your body is tense; the anticipation is somehow nauseating and exhilarating both at once. Trusting her guidance, you finally surrender. Experience the moment fully - remember it forever.


Only Mistress Emma can cleanse your soul with the healing fires of submission and pain. You will know true freedom as you worship her powerful body with your humiliation. Sweet torture - your endure cold, heat, exhaustion in her name. Useless hands tied behind your back, you have only your worthless self to offer the goddess...


Emma's head rests on your shoulder as she smiles at the screen. Her hair - still wet from the jacuzzi - leaves a mark on your shirt, but you don't mind Reaching past the empty wineglasses for hte remote, you ignore your traitorous Rolex. (It can't possibly be time to leave.) You spend your few remaining minutes memorizing the curves of her face. She may not be yours forever, but she's yours now. So you live in the now.


Sexy Cinema

Sit with Emma and enjoy a great movie or sexy adult film.


Escape into another world when Emma reads aloud to you from your favorite book or poetry selection.

A Voyeuristic Show

Emma pleasures herself under your close supervision

Breast Massage

Emma rubs her gigantic boobs all over you… until you just can’t take any more.

Foot Fetish

When you worship Emma's feet… the possibilities are endless.

GFE (Girlfriend Experience)

Enjoy a private evening with Emma as your girlfriend.


Full Pleasure

Classic Blowjob

Emma goes down on you until you finish in her warm mouth.

Straight Lay

Conventional missionary style sex: it's a classic for a reason.

Half & Half

A fantastic blowjob followed by amazing sex with Emma.

Titty Fuck

Slide your dick between emma’s enormous breasts.


Reciprocal erotic massage with an optional happy ending

Shower Party

It’s time for some good, clean fun when you and Emma lather yourselves up for a wild, soapy experience.


Gangbangs /Trains

From birthdays to bachelor parties, an evening with Emma is the best way to celebrate with your friends.


You’ve waited all your life for this moment. Make it special by choosing Emma.

Couples Threesome

Ménage a trois with your significant other and Emma

Cosplay / Role Playing

Act out your fantasies with Emma, who is a master costume enthusiast. Select an outfit from her closet, or bring something new for Emma to wear.

Bondage / BDSM

Explore the pain and pleasure of this unique lifestyle with Mistress Emma



What's your fantasy?

This menu is just a place to start. Contact me with a special request or a detailed inquiry.

I am always interested in new experiences

If you have a special request or fetish please let me know and I will do my best to accomodate you. Life is all about experiencing the unknown.


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